From April 27th 2019, my project “I can hear you now” will be part of the “Bauhaus Anniversary: THE ROOM exhibition on TV” in Rome , organised by 2(be)Art in collaboration with Arte 24 TV format on Rete Oro!

Still images, short documentary and video-materials will be all part of the event!

After launching the expositive season last October as expo space accredited by Rome Art Week 2018, Bauhaus Home Gallery celebrates the one-hundred years-anniversary of the famous cultural Movement that characterised the XX Century taking inspiration for its name and creting the artistic project “THE ROOM Exhibition”: a collective born with the aim of “make and exhibit ART” in informal spaces.

“THE ROOM Exhibition” attains on TV into the section ARTE 24 (a TV format curated by Rete Oro, all Saturdays at 8.00pm, Sundays at 11.00pm and Tuesdays at 11.30pm), where the whole project and artists’ works will be presented.

The exhibition will run for one month all Saturdays and it will also open by appointment.

Opening Night: April 27th 2019, 6.30pm

Artists: Dayana Marconi Patrizia Caffaratti, Fabiola Medici, Dayana Marconi Paolo Repetto, Battista Doneddu, Danilo Susi, Daniele Ruffini, Giulia Negrini , Reuse Design.

Curated by: Ilaria Giacobbi

Press Office:

The exhibition has also been featured on Juliet Art Magazine!