“I can hear you now – Introductive video – Four ‘Characters’ empathising with the Author”.


Since the whole project wants to be a journey into the interiority of individuals, starting from the idea that we are unable to properly communicate our negative emotions, I opted to begin from a video that portrays that lack of communication.
Using four different Languages, they communicate with me while they are not able to communicate among them. They are communicating and not communicating at the same time: what they can’t tell each other by using words, they can express with their emotional reactions, gestures and facial expressions.
They don’t feel sympathy for “the Author”, they empathise with me and, alongside visual choices and score, they represent the anxiety I often experience.

Written and directed by Dayana S. Marconi. Photography by Dayana Marconi.
Video by Alessio Mattia.
Film score by Elena Maro.
Location: NIG – Nuove Idee Globali.
Thanks to: Aliaksandra Bacharova, Elena Maro, Roberto Amisano, Irene Musso who took part to this visual experiment and who supported me in the translation of my original script in Russian, English and Chinese.

©Dayana Marconi 2017, Asti/Turin/Los Angeles. Copyright for images and videos belongs solely to Dayana Marconi. All materials might not be used or downloaded without her permission.