“I can hear you now – Video self-portrait”.

Reasons that make screaming a liberating process could be various, but the aim is univocal: concentrating our discomfort in an unique action, in a strong sound able to free us even if for one single moment. The idea is transforming an act, screaming, commonly considered as negative into something with positive connotations. The project is a way to make this process audible to the subject himself since, while screaming, he will be able to hear his negativity flowing away from his chest through his throat and to the audience that will be enabled to better hear and understand other people’s “negativity” expressed in a constructive way.

In this video I experienced the process myself, providing a stronger context to what can be observed into the photographic section of this project and having an active role as sitter of my own project, avoiding a voyeuristic approach.

Videomaker: Dayana S. Marconi
Videomaker Assistant: Alessandro D. Pujia

©Dayana Marconi 2017, Asti/Turin, Italy. Copyright for images and videos belongs solely to Dayana Marconi. All materials might not be used or downloaded without her permission.