“I can hear you now – Emotional response”.


With this video I decided to start examining ‘viewers’ reaction to my work.

Inspired by the performance-art body of work created by Marina Abramović during the 70s, who explored the relationship between the “performer” and the audience, I decided to experiment and film a woman, who’s previously been one of my sitters, while watching my video self-portrait immersed into the dark. The only illumination was provided by the projection on her figure of a series of long-exposure photographs of screams selected from my project. She was completely unaware of the final visual result: she was focused on my video only, forced to remain still and observe my discomfort: the result is a woman ‘painted’ with the pain of others that almost embraced her body. Each facial expression and body-movement, transformed and intensified by those portraits projected on her, is recorder while the only sounds we can hear are the ones of our breaths ‘colliding’ as soon as we were reaching, together, an emotional climax. The aim of this video was to understand if empathising through art is possible.

Videomaker: Dayana S. Marconi
Videomaker Assistant: Alessandro D. Pujia

Thanks to Marialuisa Ferraro who took part to this visual experiment.

©Dayana Marconi 2017, Asti/Turin, Italy. Copyright for images and videos belongs solely to Dayana Marconi. All materials might not be used or downloaded without her permission.